What is the EVSS?

IVSA The Netherlands is proud to announce it will organize the first edition of the biennial European Vet Student Seminar (EVSS) in Utrecht in the autumn of 2016. The EVSS aims to bring together veterinary students from all over Europe to promote the exchange of knowledge, to create awareness for the importance of European veterinary collaboration and to establish bonds for the future.

The idea for the EVSS was conceived in early 2014 by the Dutch IVSA chapter in the footsteps of the American SAVMA symposium and the Asian Congress. Although the annual IVSA congress, IVSA symposium and the IVSA group exchanges provide opportunities for European veterinary students to meet, an IVSA event aimed specifically at European veterinary students has not yet been held. IVSA the Netherlands believes such an event would be of great value, seeing as the veterinary profession in EU member states is greatly influenced by EU regulations. The EU member states have a well-established history of shared policies concerning animal health, food safety, and, more recently, animal welfare. This intensive European collaboration has resulted in great successes, but it has never been a straightforward matter.

By bringing together the European vets of the future before their career has even begun, IVSA the Netherlands hopes to set the first steps towards greater understanding of each other’s (veterinary) culture and to establish bonds for the future. Ultimately, IVSA the Netherlands believes this will not only lead to improved European policy-making concerning animals, but also to further collaboration in veterinary research and increased exchange of clinical knowledge and skills.

Why Should you come to the EVSS?

For the first edition of the EVSS, we aim to establish with our delegates what it means to be an European Vet. How can we make shared policies while respecting our cultural differences? What common challenges will we face in our professional life? What knowledge and skills are required to tackle them? And where in Europe can this expertise be found? These questions will be addressed in a 4-day program held in October 2016 at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University. The program will feature lectures and workshops on subjects concerning clinical knowledge of both large and small animals, policy-making, European wildlife/zoos, research, education and one health. Additionally, the program will include tours of the faculty and Utrecht and provide plenty of opportunity to bond with fellow veterinary students over a drink.

Date and location
October 2016, at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

Seminar fee
€90,- Lectures, workshops, accommodation and meals included.

Email the EVSS Organizing Committee at EVSS@ivsa.nl