For veterinarians Ultrasonography (USG) is a noninvasive diagnostic tool routinely used in private practices and Hospitals. For students, USG is much more exciting, as it is usually our first direct examination of a patient’s organs and those “live” observations captivate many students. Here, at the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Kosice (UVLF), we are very lucky to have the equipment and the knowledge to perform USG under perfect conditions.
During the first semester of the 4Bsc year, we were offered an introductory “Imaging & Diagnostics” classes, with Dr. Mária Figurová DVM, PhD as one of our teacher. Students loved the USG part and most of them even wished they could spend some more time training with the USG apparatus.
From here, we had the idea of oganizing this workshop, which came to life thanks to the help of Daniela Rolková (IVSA President) and Vanda Lukacin (our newly elected IVSA president! ).
In my veterinarian hunt, Dr. Maria Figurova, PhD kindly agreed to lead this workshop as a teacher, with the idea that each student should be given enough time to explore
the region of interest on his or her own.
I was not quite expecting such a excitement from the class, since my initial goal with the class annoucement was only to see if I could find three or four students to start filling the two dates offered by Dr. Mária Figurová. To my greatest pleasure, the workshop was fully booked as soon as the students knew about it!

Two groups of five students from 4Bsc, were welcomed at the small animal clinic, one on March 13th, the other on March 14th 2018, to perform USG on the neck of a dog (to respect its privacy and anonimity, its name is being witheld). One by one each student gently used the USG probe to assess the patient’s neck and identify key anatomical structure with the help of the teacher. Evaluations and opinions shared by each student have been very positive and encouraging for us, and we are now looking forward to
organizing the next series of workshops that will hopefully included many more students!
I am very happy and relieved that every student enjoyed our workshop.

-Nahuel Perrot, PhD (4Bsc, IVSA membre)


“ This workshop allowed us to better understand how to use the ultrasonography apparatus and read
ultrasonography results. We were able to practice ultrasonography until each of us was able to locate and
recognize every significant structure to be found on that region (the neck).
This was very useful, thank you to Dr. Maria Figurova, DVM, PhD. Her teaching was very clear and easy
to follow. Thank you for giving us the opportunity. ”        –  Katia Leglise, MS, 4Bsc